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Design for Result

We create effective websites. Alas, not by just waving our magic wand, but by hard work. It all starts by understanding the organisations we work for. What do they wish to achieve? And who are their customers? What obstacles do they encounter? And how can those be overcome? We believe understanding breeds mutual respect: the essential ingredient for fruitful and sustainable partnerships.

Collective thinking (the 'hive mind') is the second key element in our approach. An effective design is rooted in multiple points of view. Not just visually, but also in terms of interaction, functionality, technology and content. And from a broader perspective, taking into account company targets and audiences, and the organisation and its surroundings.

The third key element, our structured project approach, has been fine-tuned through years of experience. Making the right choices at the right moments ensures great focus, speed and quality. And that shows in the results.

You Can Trust Us To Do The Job.


About us

We love to learn something new every day. We are deeply involved with customers. We believe that good listening, thinking together and being critical helps us not only to come up with good concepts, but also to bring them to life in excellent design, content and code. We love to exceed our customers’ expectations. That is what being a digital design boutique means to us.

Digital design agency Ruby Libre was founded in Amsterdam in 2009. Before, we worked at different agencies where we grew into experienced specialists in online communication, design and web development.

This convergence of expertise enables us to create results that are excellent at every level – connecting content, technology and design, and objectives, target groups and organisation.

We are a valued partner for organisations like Teva Pharmaceutical and Red Bull Energy Drinks, as well as Stek Advocaten and the Netherlands Institute for the Study of Crime and Law Enforcement.

You Cannot Buy The Lessons Learned From Experience. You Have to Earn Them.


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