Teva Pharmaceutical

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. ranks among the leading pharmaceutical companies in the world and are active in 60 countries, and has more than 45.000 employees. The company produce approximately 88 billion tablets and capsules a year at 80 manufacturing facilities.

Teva has developed a 'Standard Country Site’ (SCS), based on Teva’s digital guidelines. Using the SCS, the countries can easily and cost-effectively create their country website in line with Teva’s online guidelines. In June 2018, the first market started to use the SCS. For the SCS, Teva needed a design partner to continue to optimize and expand the components and templates.

"Ruby Libre helps us on multiple levels, namely visual design, creating a consistent digital identity, clear UX and efficient frontend component management. The Frontend Library that has been developed, is a central instrument in the way we develop and manage our external channels. Ruby Libre works with our internal team in a pleasant way. They operate swiftly and with care."

Samuel Driessen – Senior Director External Channels


  • Ruby Libre delivers ongoing design support for the SCS in the following areas:
  • New and updated templates for the SCS
  • Aligning existing templates with other developments
  • New templates and components based on needs from activating markets, like Ukraine, Italy, USA, Czech/Slovakia, Poland, Hong Kong and The Netherlands
  • New design for the global website (.com)

The new, updated and existing templates and components that were and are continuing to be delivered, contain the functional specifications, the content model, the visual and interaction design, and the frontend code (HTML, CSS and Javascript).


The SCS caters for the needs of 50+ different countries. These needs may differ from country to country. Therefore, insight into the challenges each country faces, is necessary. Analyzing all available information with our team was the starting point for the assignment. On the other hand, we needed to develop an understanding of Teva’s business and online strategy, the new online guidelines and the business and technical requirements.

After we analyzed and discussed all information, the design process started. This is an iterative process, which moves from high-level wireframes towards detailed specifications. During the design process, we closely collaborate with Teva, in order to collect feedback from all relevant stakeholders and the country teams.

Frontend Library

Design should, in our age of different devices, be delivered in working frontend code, as to guarantee that everything is working as designed on all devices. Furthermore, this code has to be accompanied by clear instructions regarding functionality, interactions and content architecture. By delivering the design in the fashion as described above, the handover to the technical partner that is responsible for the implementation in Episerver, is more straightforward. It saves time in communication and in art direction after implementation.

But delivering a design was, in our opinion, not enough. What was needed, was an underlying System that is also suited for continuous improvement: this is a Library containing all current elements. To this online and secure Library, new elements are easily added. Because over time, new components and templates are needed, others are modified, functionality is changed, and content needs to be developed. The countries should be able to count on the global digital team to adapt to their changing needs. Each improvement, whether initiated by a country or by the global digital team, benefits all country sites.


  • Requirement analysis
  • UX design
  • Visual design
  • Front-end development
  • Project management