Nederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek (NWO) (The Dutch Research Council)

The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research ensures quality and innovation in science and promotes its impact on society. It also finances scientific research at Dutch public research institutions, and universities in particular.

As a result of a major internal reorganisation, the NWO asked us to think about the connecting factor in the communication between people and departments, the intranet. Ruby Libre developed the design and the front-end code for an innovative intranet.

Joost, the NWO's new social intranet, has been launched and is available on all devices. This was achieved within budget and on schedule; an almost unique phenomenon in the intranet world.

The implementation of the trajectory was based on a meticulous project approach, but also - and above all - on the enthusiasm, drive and expertise of everyone involved in the project.

The design process was followed by platform selection, content migration and, finally, adoption to familiarise the employees concerned with the operation of the intranet. Ruby Libre produced the front-end code, which was delivered in the library structure developed by ourselves. This made it possible to create 'real' pages for demonstration purposes.

We were also able to test the edge cases by making the underlying content model an integral part of our library. We collaborated closely with Drupal specialist Triquanta during the implementation.

An intranet is a program, not a project. So the further development process, which is based on wishes and experiences, has already started.


  • Intranet design
  • Project advice and planning
  • UX design
  • Creation
  • Internal communication
  • Front-end development