GS1 Nederland is the company behind the barcodes you see on all the products in the shops. A barcode is like a passport for a product. But the organisation also provides the infrastructure on which suppliers can unambiguously share their product data with their customers and ultimately with the consumer.

The quality of the data in the database of a number of suppliers still leaves much to be desired. To address this, GS1 set up the Data Quality 2.0 program. Ruby Libre collaborated with GS1 to develop a vision to further improve the data quality program. This included improving the operation of the My GS1 environment.


The suppliers process the data behind the bar codes themselves (manually or through an automated link). The data sometimes contain more than 100 characteristics of a product, such as specific label information, ingredients and type of packaging. In some instances, the dataset has been entered incorrectly or is incomplete.

To optimise the process of improving data quality, Ruby Libre thoroughly studied the user experience of the portal - as well as the data entry process and quality assurance in general.


To obtain an accurate impression of the users and their needs, we started with interactive workshops. The Ruby Libre-led workshops resulted in personas and customer journey maps for two target audiences for two industry sectors. These formed the basis for further user research in the form of in-depth interviews.

Based on this research, we issued a series of recommendations for improving the journey and the My GS1 environment. These recommendations were split into ‘quick wins’ and fundamental issues that needed to be addressed.

Ruby Libre subsequently created an elaborate interaction design for the My GS1 environment that includes the fundamental proposals for improvement. Extensive qualitative user testing led to the fine-tuning of the interaction design. We chose for an internal and an external test, first by the GS1 organisation itself and subsequently by its customers.

This resulted in a final interaction design that was passed on to GS1's external technical partner for implementation. Additional measurements of the use of the My GS1 environment will contribute to a process of continuous improvement.


  • Workshops
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Persona research
  • Strategy
  • Interaction design
  • User testing
  • UX recommendations